September Song

September is here or also known as the other New Year. Since my husband and I are both teachers, September is when our new routines emerge and we get settled into respective jobs. This September, that is especially true since our oldest is starting kindergarten.

I do enjoy this time of year for many reasons. Since most of my students go on vacation during the summer and my husband’s work schedule changes, I do office temp work. I am very grateful to have office/admin skills and they enable me to earn a steady paycheque when many of my colleagues cannot do so. I am even more grateful though to return to my life as a voice teacher, musician and mother – not always in that order. I love showing people how to discover their voices and the joy of making music, whether for pleasure or for professional reasons. The fall truly feels like a time of renewal. I also love the bounty of fruits and vegetables that really come to full ripeness. All of those lovely, fresh apples, peaches and pears from the Okanagan, peppers, new potatoes… yum! 

I will be singing at the Burnaby Culture Days at Shadbolt Centre on Sat., Sept. 29th at 12:30 pm with the truly fine Joel DeStefano on piano/accordion. We’ll be doing a mix of French art and folk song and German lieder. For more information, please email me or go to If you email me ahead of time with a song request, I will try to fit it in!

Now that one child is in kindergarten and the younger child is getting more independent, I am taking on more students. I still have some time slots so if you or anyone else is interested in voice lessons, please contact me. I offer a free 30 minute trial lesson to start so that you can determine if we are a good fit. 

See you soon!