The year begins

It has been a year since the last time I wrote a blog entry. Maybe the explanation for this lack of activity can be found in the previous blog entry appropriately titled “In Praise of Sloth”. A better explanation is that I’m a middle aged working mother who never even “surfed” the net until my early twenties and never had a computer with internet access until I was 25. I enjoy technology and its benefits but it is still a somewhat unfamiliar thing for me. I still use a paper day timer and I’m only now about to get a smart phone (iPhone or Android – I can’t decide). I also have precious little uninterrupted time. I’d love to write more blog entries but laundry and music preparation always beckon. Whatever the excuse, here is my blog entry now and hopefully, there will be more on a somewhat regular basis.

I celebrated my 40th birthday and our 15th wedding anniversary this summer with an epic road trip. My husband, my brother and my two boys stole my parents’ van and drove to the Grand Canyon, to a Star Trek convention in Las Vegas and then back again through Nevada, California, Oregon and Washington. My parents met us at the Star Trek convention where most of the family geeked out while my long suffering dad chased after Daniel. Daniel is special needs and is a frequent flight risk. Daniel worships his grandpa so Daniel didn’t seem to mind hanging out with him.

The Grand Canyon was a sharp contrast to Las Vegas. Once you see the Grand Canyon, you understand the word “awe”. I think that I will save that experience for another blog.

For most people, the new year begins on January 1st. For teachers, both in the public school system and in freelance, the new year begins on the Tuesday after Labour Day and that is tomorrow. This is true for most performers too. My students are starting to come back after a summer respite and gigs are about to resume. Already, I have gigs booked so I will put them up on an events page shortly. In the meantime, the year begins.

Now it’s bedtime.