Christmas Time is Here

I love Christmas. Yes, it’s very hectic, especially if you’re a classically trained singer. This is the one time of the year when female singers can get a decent amount of work. I manage and sing in the Caminando Carolers of course, I sing in the Angelus Singers (another excellent caroling group in Vancouver) and I have my own solo voice and piano act. The Laudate Singers also have some big concerts in December. Yes, I make some extra money at this time of year as a performer and that is nice. I’ve been working with some fantastic singers for a long time and it’s a real treat to continue to make music with them. We sing the old standard songs such as Rudolph and Jingle Bells – songs that I’ve sung hundreds of times but I’m always learning new pieces such as parts of Bach’s Christmas Oratorio and I never get tired of singing In the Bleak Mid-Winter. But that’s only part of why I love Christmas. I love the rich, tasty food, the prettiness of the lights, the decorations everywhere and the eagerness of people to get together and connect with each other. The month of December is a time for people to connect and a time to spread beauty, both visual and musical. December is visceral and beautiful.

Well, this is a blog intended for professional use and not just my late night musings. I have been performing almost every day and I will continue to do so until Dec. 26. Here are all of my remaining December performances (yes, yes I should have posted this at the beginning of December) minus the private parties and corporate events.