Routine resumes…

The Christmas season and the ensuing Christmas break creates a gap in the year. It’s as if normal, everyday life goes on hold for approximately three weeks and then, once New Year’s Day is over, one is expected to jump right back into normal life and routine as if there was no break. Having a break is nice of course but the disruption of routine makes it more difficult to get back into the rhythm of the weeks. It’s even harder for a special needs four year old who thrives on routine, hence the more frequent meltdowns. But, I have a job that I love and a great family so I consider myself pretty lucky overall. Happy New Year and to my Chinese friends, welcome Year of the Dragon!

Teaching has resumed at the Shadbolt Centre, Mt. Pleasant Community Centre and my private studio and I’m happy to report that I haven’t frightened anyone away. I even have a waiting list at Mt. Pleasant and the Shadbolt so it’s nice to be in demand. The Real Treble Makers (Mt. Pleasant Women’s Choir) are planning a program of popular songs from the Renaissance to now. We will be doing a fundraiser in May, time, date and venue TBA. The Young Tunes and Young Singers classes at the Shadbolt Centre are going well. I was tackled today with hugs today by three four year olds. Ah, how sweet it is to be loved by them!

My lovely student, Elspeth McVeigh, lutenist Nathaniel Hurvitz and pianist Jocelyn Pritchard and I will be doing a benefit for the University Women’s Club on Sun., Feb. 19th. I’ll post more details on that on the February blog post.

Laudate Singers and the VICO have been work shopping a new commission by Stephen Chatman to be premiered in March. The piece is glorious so that will be great concert to attend. Also in March, Laudate will be performing a program of choral music and organ called Organic Voices at Holy Rosary Cathedral in Vancouver and at St. Andrews in North Vancouver.

There are no gigs for January but that is welcome as I need the time to focus on teaching and my little men. Daniel and Benjamin are growing quickly and becoming like little boys more and more all the time. Currently, Ben is obsessed with the word “goal” which applies mostly to hockey, especially the Canucks and “nine” which applies to all numbers, especially the number 9.

Routine resumes and I’m grateful for it. It’s necessary and not just for children.