In Between

There are no gigs for April but after a busy March and the two gigs I’ll have in May, I’m happy for the lull. I was also subbing for an alto section leader at St. James Anglican church in the lead up to Holy Week. All in all, I had some very enjoyable musical experiences with the Laudate Singers, the Vancouver Inter-cultural Orchestra and with the St. James Anglican Church choir.

April 30th is coming soon and as all Canadians know, that can only mean one thing: tax time. You would think that as a small business owner, I would do my my bookkeeping monthly but I never do – probably because I love doing it so much. I save up all of my receipts, pay stubs, T4s and contracts for March and April of the following year. I get an accountant to file my taxes so I’m sure she loves getting all the final figures the weekend before April 30th every year. I’m happy to report that I’m a little bit more on top of things this year – either that or I’ve figured out how to do a lot of this stuff a bit faster.

I think that this year, April is an “in between” month. I’m in between two batches of gigs and with tax season coming, we’re in between tax years. April is also a transition from winter to spring. Yes, spring technically arrives on March 21st but the temperature is often quite cold until mid April. I’m still wearing my winter coat and the down duvet is still on the bed but the daffodils are blooming in our front garden patch and the tulips are getting set to do the same. Next month, will be the month of May but right now, it is April and we are in between.